BioLite Outdoor Retailer Design

This project will give you the opportunity to both think and make a final product as a team. Thinking does occur throughout the design process, from idea generation to final formation of the end product. Making is also a big part of the design process and includes: mood boards, storyboards, roughs, prototyping and neat tight final product. TARGET AUDIENCE... Outdoor Retailer vendors looking for the newest and greatest outdoor products. Refer to PDF in Dropbox for 2013 post show information to help you in your research as well as contract. WEBSITE TO VISIT... market/index.shtml

Booth Design produced and created by John Haymore 
Evolution of the portable stove throughout history, represented by iconic symbols created by John Haymore
Brochure design produced and created by Heather Adams
QR Code Landing Page, and Magazine Ad created by Skylar Taylor
Magazine Ad created by Skylar Taylor
Landing Page created via Muse and elements/icons made in Illustrator by Skylar Taylor
Live QR Code created by Skylar Taylor
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