Fred and Miah

We just wrapped up an amazing group project for our production team layout design class at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City. The line we did was called Fred and Miah. We created five different products: his and hers perfume bottles, a candle, a bath bomb and a bar of soap. Usually group work is hard and communication can get difficult with different schedules but we killed it. We had so many ideas and over all the products were executed successfully. Our target market was middle age men and women with an expendable budget. This product would be featured in high end stores like Nordstrom. We did the gold accents and had our products lazered out with our logo. We did our product information on the bottom of the bottles which allowed us to give it the look we did and unitize the space on the bottle for the design. Over all a very fun and successful project. A big shout out to Skyler Taylor and Cameron at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City for all of the help. We made an awesome team. Also a big shout out to John Haymore for helping up photograph our product in your studio. So executed to be working with such talented people! Check out their work!

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